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Online Tax Help and Advice Articles

File Your Taxes Online This Year

File Your Taxes Online This Year

There are many reasons to file your taxes online; it’s easy, fast, accurate, and convenient. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) strongly recommends electronic filing (e-file) for many of these same reasons. So why not e-file using the method already available on your computer; online!

Online tax filing is as simple an accessing the internet, choosing an online tax software, and entering your tax information. The forms and filing are completed for you. When using OnlineTaxPros as your online tax software, you can enter as much information as you want and return to your account at anytime to complete your return. You can also view your online tax forms at any time throughout the process. There are no paper forms to deal with, no draft copies to finalize, and no headaches!

Online tax filing is one of the fastest ways to file your taxes. It takes the average person less time to file online using Online Tax Pros than it does to sign and post paper tax forms. When filing online, your information is usually processed by the IRS that same day. If you prefer to wait until the last minute, you can file your taxes online the evening they are due without leaving your house. If you are expecting a refund, it can be directly deposited to your bank account within a week. If you owe taxes, you can pay online that very day. You also have the option of filing an extension online in a matter of minutes, if you need more time to complete your online tax forms.

Online tax filing is a fool-proof method to filing an accurate return. Online Tax Pros guarantees our calculations, so you can have confidence that your online tax forms are error-free. All of our online tax forms are calculated in accordance with the most up-to-date IRS rules and regulations.

Online tax filing is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online Tax Pros offers over 30 of the most used Federal tax forms, and they are immediately available just by accessing our program on the internet. You do not have to drive to the store to buy the latest tax software product or find time to visit to your local tax office. There is no need to leave your home to file your income taxes this year if you file online.

Online tax filing is easy, fast, accurate, and convenient. Use Online Tax Pros as your online tax software this year. We make it easy!

E-file the Fastest Way to File Your Income Tax Return

E-file the Fastest Way to File Your Income Tax Return

Electronic filing (e-file) is a fast, efficient, and fool-proof way to send your taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). E-file is the IRS’s preferred method for filing your income tax return. When you e-file with Online Tax Pros, the IRS often receives your tax information the same day you enter it in our program. This allows the IRS to process your information more quickly, meaning a fast refund for you.

E-filing online is one of the easiest, most efficient ways to send your taxes to the IRS. There are no paper forms to deal with, no software to download, and no worries about anything getting lost in the mail. Online Tax Pros is an experienced e-file service provider committed to serving you. There are no irrelevant questions to answer, just the forms you need so you can finish and e-file your taxes in no time.

E-file is simple, yet accurate. When e-filing with Online Tax Pros, your forms are calculated for you, and our calculations are guaranteed. Before your return is e-filed, the forms are prepared using the most up-to-date rules and regulations mandated by the IRS. All of our calculations are guaranteed, so you no longer have to worry about math errors holding up your refund.

E-file is fast, efficient and accurate. At Online Tax Pros, we guarantee it!

Online Tax Pros Income Tax Software You Can Trust

Online Tax Pros Income Tax Software You Can Trust

There are a wide variety of income tax software companies to choose from. What makes Online Tax Pros stand out is our commitment to our customers. To give you the best online filing experience, we provide income tax software that is convenient, easy to use, and reliable. We also have a support team of tax professionals equipped to answer any tax question you may have. Simple and accurate income tax software with high quality support is what Online Tax Pros is all about.

Online Tax Pros is an online income tax software provider. You can access our tax software anytime, night or day, just by visiting our website at There is nothing to buy at the store and download. Once you register an account with us, there is no pressure to complete or pay for anything. Any information you enter is securely saved on your account, allowing you to complete your return at your convenience. Our online tax software also provides easy access to your forms so that you can review your tax return at any time during the filing process. And when you’re ready to file your tax return with the IRS, it’s as easy as the click of a button.

Online Tax Pros’ tax software is easy to use. Rather than answer pages of questions, we provide you with easy-entry forms and straightforward options that save you time and frustration. A simple income tax return can be completed and filed in a matter of minutes. Our income tax software will even notify you when the IRS receives your information. And if you have any questions, we have a support staff of qualified tax professionals ready to help.

Online Tax Pros’ income tax software is designed to calculate your income tax return based on the latest IRS rules and regulations. You can be confident that your return will be accurate and include all the current deductions and credits available. All calculations using Online Tax Pros income tax software are guaranteed to be correct so you can be certain of no delayed refunds or need for amended returns.

The convenience of using online income tax software is hard to beat. Couple that with an online income tax software program that’s simple and reliable with qulity customer service, and filing your taxes can be easy! Try Online Tax Pros this year to file your taxes online.

Filing Online Couldn’t Be Easier

Filing Online Couldn’t Be Easier

With tax season just around the corner, we would like to remind you that filing online is one of the fastest ways to get your refund. Online Tax Pros is an online tax software program that makes filing online simple, fast, and secure. Our program allows you to enter all your tax information at your convenience, and electronically files your return with the click of a button. There is no need to leave your house to file your taxes this year. Let Online Tax Pros show you how easy filing online can be.

Filing online using Online Tax Pros is simple. All the tools you need to complete and file your return are there on your computer at Online Tax Pros makes filing online easy by letting you choose your entry options, eliminating forms and questions that you don’t need. This customized approach to online filing means an easier and faster online filing experience.

Filing online gets your return to the IRS fast. Online Tax Pros tax software will save you time because you do not need to leave your house or mail any forms to file your income tax return. Our online tax software is available on the internet right now for you to use. When you are done entering your tax information, you can electronically file your return with just the click of a button, and receive your refund within a week.

Filing online is fast and convenient, but is it secure? Online Tax Pros uses the latest internet security procedures to ensure your tax information is safe. Our security model is extensive so that you can file online with confidence.

Visit us at if you’re considering filing online. Our program will make this your easiest filing experience ever!

Taxes Fast and Easy, Guaranteed

Taxes Fast and Easy, Guaranteed

Online Tax Pros is your answer to filing your income tax return online this year. At you will find a program that’s fast and easy to use. You can prepare and file your online tax return in minutes. Our calculations are guaranteed and we have over 30 Federal forms available for your filing needs. So why not try Online Tax Pros to file your taxes online today?

Filing your income taxes online is fast and easy. With Online Tax Pros, you can enter only the information needed for your specific tax situation without having to answer lots of unnecessary questions. Our website uses many of the same fields as your paper tax forms, so entering your information is easy. We also offer simple page navigation and forms menus so you can pick only what you need and be done with your return in no time.

Online Tax Pros guarantees that your return is calculated correctly. You can also review your online tax return at anytime before you file with the IRS. There is no sacrificing quality for a simple and speedy filing. We have it all.

Filing your income taxes online has never been faster or easier with Online Tax Pros. Give us a try today!

Electronic Filing – Nothing’s Faster

Electronic Filing – Nothing’s Faster

Over 123 million income tax returns were electronically filed (e-filed) in 2016. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) prefers e-file to paper filing because it is more efficient, and generally more accurate. The number of people using e-file increases every year for those same reasons. E-file is paperless (there is usually nothing that needs to be mailed to the IRS) and e-file provider Online Tax Pros guarantees our calculations, so you know your return will be accurate.

Online Tax Pros has been an IRS authorized e-file provider for over five years. When you file with us, you can be assured that your tax return will be calculated using the most current tax rules and regulations. In the ever-changing world of tax law, that’s a good reason for using us as your e-file provider this year.

Another good reason for e-filing with Online Tax Pros is our fast and efficient program. We designed our program so that filing your taxes is quick and easy. Our pages are simple to understand, requiring only the information necessary to e-file your return. Once you enter your tax information, we e-file your return within hours to the IRS. That’s quite a bit faster than mailing a paper copy of your forms.

E-file is a growing trend for American taxpayers. Online Tax Pros makes e-filing simpler than ever. Make the fast, efficient choice and use Online Tax Pros as your e-file provider this year.

Earned Income Tax Credit

Earned Income Tax Credit

At Online Tax Pros, we want you to gain the largest tax refund to which you are entitled. Many taxpayers who e-file online may not be aware that they could be getting as much as $6,318 in Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). When you e-file online with Online Tax Pros, we will calculate this credit if you qualify.

What is the Earned Income Tax Credit? EITC is extra money you can get if you are working and you file a federal income tax return. Sometimes EITC is called "EIC" or Earned Income Credit. EIC and EITC are the same thing. Because EITC is a "credit", this is money you can get in addition to your tax refund. If you qualify, you can get as much as $5,666.00, depending on your filing status, level of income, and number of qualifying dependents. Some taxpayers who do not have children may also qualify.

There are certain requirements you need to meet to get the Earned Income Credit. Answer these quick questions to find out if you qualify.

  • Did you work part-time or full-time?
  • Do you have a valid Social Security Number?
  • If you have children, do each of them have a Social Security Number?
  • Are you a U.S. citizen or legal resident?
  • Will you file a Federal income tax return for this year?

If you answered yes to all the questions above, Online Tax Pros will help you further assess how much EITC, if any, you qualify for when you e-file online. It is as simple as answering a few more easy questions, and our online program will automatically calculate your eligibility and how much credit you can receive. When you e-file online, you are filing your income tax return in the fastest way possible E-file online with Online Tax Pros and get the biggest refund you are entitled to this tax season.

Income Tax Questions

Income Tax Questions

Every year at income tax filing time, question after question swarms the minds of many taxpayers. “What form am I supposed to use?” “Is this item deductible?” “Do I have to claim this as income?” Unfortunately, the income tax questions don’t get any fewer with each new year, and the answers only become more complicated with each new season of revised tax laws and IRS filing procedures. No wonder income tax filing terrifies the average taxpayer.

At Online Tax Pros, we want to work with you to make filing your income taxes as fast, easy and accurate as possible. We go out of the way to take the fear out of tax season. One way of doing that is to remain accessible to you at all times while completing your online tax return preparation, so that if any income tax questions come to mind while doing your online tax preparation, you can get a ready answer. We do this through a e-mail messaging feature available after you log into our Online Tax Pros website and begin your online tax preparation. If you have income tax questions about what to show as income, what to claim, filing status, dependents you are qualified to claim, etc., our friendly tax experts will give you answers and advice.

Other income tax questions you might have relate to whether you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Child Tax Care Credit. At Online Tax Pros, we help you to quickly and easily evaluate your tax information to see if you are entitled to these added benefits. You might also have income tax questions that relate to your refund and when you can expect to receive it or what is the the quickest way you can get your refund money in hand.

Don’t let income tax questions and the fear of filing drive you to expensive tax professionals and complicated income tax preparation software applications. Online Tax Pros is your answer for income tax questions, online tax preparation and electronic filing. Take the fear of out of tax season with Online Tax Pros.

IRS Efile Rejected

IRS E-File Rejected! What do I do now?

So you have prepared and e-filed your federal and state income taxes online for the first time and you eagerly await the acknowledgement from the IRS. When it comes it says ‘rejected’ . What do you do now? Well, the first thing that you need to do is NOT panic. E-file rejections are pretty common due to the fact that it is still a relatively new system. You can easily fix most errors and re-submit for processing.

When a tax return is rejected, all it means is that there was an error in the tax return you e-filed. You are provided with information that specifies what error caused the rejection in the form of reject codes provided by the IRS. There are unique reject codes for each error that may occur in a tax return. This code has to be translated into the appropriate meaning for it to make any sense.

Most e-file providers will require you to purchase an added support feature to translate the code, but at Online Tax Pros, this feature is available to everyone at no additional cost. Why should you have to pay more to file the same return? Did you know that the IRS allows you to make changes to your electronic return and transmit it for re-processing multiple times at no cost at all? This is again where Online Tax Pros is different from other online tax preparation and e-file service providers. You do not have to pay additional fees to have your tax return re-submitted for processing after it is rejected due to an error.

Tax returns can be rejected for numerous reasons, such as a misspelled name or address, incorrect w-2 information, etc. But the most common reason comes in the form of a signature page; this is where you digitally authorize the tax return without having to mail a signature form to the IRS. It is called the self-select pin method, and it allows you to enter your prior year adjusted income (AGI) or self-select PIN, date of birth and a new five digit pin number of your liking as a digital signature. This eliminates the paper trail altogether in the tax filing process. Because not everyone has their prior year return instantly available, most taxpayers tend to get the AGI or prior year PIN information wrong. This is a very easy error to fix; you can read about it here.

So, when you tax return is rejected do not panic. Just read the information provided with the rejection, make the necessary changes, and re-submit it for processing. And remember, if you have to pay additional fees to find out what the reject code means or to re-submit your return for processing, you are clearly in the wrong place for preparing and e-filing your tax return. When you prepare and e-file you tax return with Online Tax Pros, there are NO hidden charges. It is as simple as that.

IRS Electronic Efiling

Benefits of IRS Electronic E-Filing

If you are thinking of online tax return preparation for the upcoming tax season, you are not alone. The Internal Revenue Service reports that during the 2010 tax season, over 98.5 million income tax returns were filed electronically. That represented an 2.5% increase over the previous year. It is clear that online tax return preparation and electronic filing is THE future for income taxes, and Online Tax Pros is your choice for fast, easy and affordable professional service.

Why change to online tax return preparation and e-file? Some of the benefits of IRS electronic filing include:

  • No mail loss - IRS verifies receipt of your income tax return.
  • Less processing time - e-file tax returns are processed immediately.
  • IRS e-file uses less paper - help saves space and the ecology.
  • IRS e-file tax returns are more accurate - because they are computer calculated and filed.

During the next two years, several million more taxpayers will join you in taking advantage of online income tax preparation and electronic filing. Online Tax Pros is a recognized IRS Partner for online income tax preparation. You are making the best choice for filing your income taxes this season, not only with e-file, but most certainly with Online Tax Pros.

What is Online E-File and How does it work?

What is Online E-File and How does it work?

Definition: E-file - Electronic File

This is the general term that refers to the process of submitting your income tax return to the IRS electronically as opposed to the traditional method of sending by mail. The electronic file is created for you by an authorized IRS online e-file provider. This is how the process works:

Step 1:

You provide all your relevant personal information to the authorized e-file provider either in person or via the web. You will include all your tax forms such as W2s, 1099s, etc.

Step 2:

The e-file provider takes all your information and does a tax return evaluation either using a standalone software or via the built-in features on the website. Based on the information and the forms you provide your tax return is calculated resulting in a refund or an amount you owe the IRS. This information is provided to you and you have the option to either submit the e-file or not.

Step 3:

If you chose to e-file, then the e-file provider packages your information in a pre-defined format by the IRS and transmits it to the IRS.

Step 4:

The IRS online e-file division checks the package and evaluates it using their own tax evaluation system. Upon completion of this process an Accept or Rejected message is sent back to the e-file provider. This normally takes place between 24 to 48 hours from the moment the e-file is submitted for processing.

Step 5:

If the package is Accepted by the IRS as complete, then there is no further action required by the taxpayer. If it is Rejected by the IRS, then the taxpayer has to make the recommended changes that are made by the IRS and re-submit the tax return to be packaged again by the e-file provider who in turn will re-submit the package for evaluation to the IRS.
And that is Online E-file. It is the revolutionary method of preparing and submitting your income taxes to the IRS. It is fast, simple, easy & secure.

Online Tax Preparation E-file

Online Tax Preparation and E-File : As Easy As Having A Conversation

Taxpayers who purchase tax preparation software have to gain a certain understanding of what forms to use and how to complete the forms necessary for their income tax preparation, in addition to knowing how to use the tax preparation software they purchased. You may be one of thousands of taxpayers who just don’t have that level of understanding and confidence. So, is there a form of income tax preparation that offers you the fastest way to file and get your refund? Online tax preparation and e-file with Online Tax Pros is your answer.

To complete online tax preparation and efile, you don’t have to worry about what forms to complete or how to complete them. You don’t have to download any kind of tax preparation software or learn how to use it. If you can have a question-answer conversation with a person, you can successfully complete your personal online tax preparation and efile. Once you have logged into the Online Tax Pros website, you will quickly and easily work through a series of screens that will simply ask you questions about your personal and income tax information. All you have to do is type in the answers on your keyboard. Once you have answered all the questions, our online tax preparation program automatically completes all the necessary forms for you, makes all the calculations (so you don’t have to worry about errors in addition and subtraction) and creates a file for you to print your income tax forms. Now, how easy is that? You can then pay and click the “send” button.

Online tax preparation and efile is the fastest and easiest way to file your taxes. Remember, if you can go through an interview, you can complete your online tax preparation and efile with Online Tax Pros. It’s as easy as having a conversation.

Efile Online Tax Preparation

All About Online Taxes and E-file Preparation

Individual taxpayers can electronically file their tax return directly from home using our professional online filing service. When you file through Online Tax Pros you are receiving the industry's highest standards for security, guaranteed error-free calculations, and an easy way to prepare your taxes.

Electronic filing is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to file your income tax return. When you file through Online Tax Pros, there is notification on your account regarding the status of your return within 48 hours. You will not have to wait to pay off an overdue debt or make a down payment on much-needed furniture or an automobile. We make it happen for you fast and easy at an affordable price. You may even qualify to file for free.